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Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm 35? How did that happen?

I turned thirty five today. 35. Official mid thirties. Do I like that I'm that old? Of course not. Do I care much? Not really. If I were to describe what I'd like my life to be like at this age when I was younger I'd say I'm there. Life is good at 35! I'm married to my best friend, a beautiful woman who is way out of my league and is also an amazing mom. I have four wonderful kids that are all so awesome and different from each other. My wife and kids bring me a lot of joy and they're the best thing in my life!

I also have a really great job where I get to do what I went to school to do! Most people can't say that. I get to use the software programs I learned in school at my day job to create 3D art, videos, and textures. To the right are some chicken foot table accessories I got to make. Getting to create art for a living is a dream come true. It's awesome!

Lastly this is the year I will publish my first full length novel, and hopefully four others and two children's chapter books! It's going to be a great year. Bring it on mid thirties! I've got more than I deserve to be thankful for and big plans for a lot of book publishing! Thanks for stopping by.

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