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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I Was on A Cool & Hilarious Podcast!

The hosts of Cartridge Based Radio, Donald and Brad, break down old video games and try to tease out what was going on behind the scenes in the story world of the game to make it happen. We got to tackle the legendary game Shaq Fu. Everyone hates this game, and while I acknowledge it's terrible for many reasons, my brothers and I actually had a lot of fun playing it when we were in grade school. Listen to the episode to hear me explain how this terrible game can actually be really fun. It's really funny and you get to learn a little about the game, but also hear the two host's theories on what brought about the world that the characters in the game live in. Every episode I've listened to has made me laugh and this one where I got to be a guest was no exception. It was a blast to be on the show. Go to their website, or your favorite podcatcher, and give it a listen. I'm sure you'll be hitting the subscribe button before you can say Shaq. 

Go have a listen for yourself:
Cartridge Based Radio Episode 49

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