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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Have a new Podcast with a Co-host!

Download the .mp3

Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff. In this first episode they talk about they met, their interests, and their art. Donald blogs about finishing his enormous back log of video games and creates graphic novels. Dan writes and podcasts short stories and has his first full length novel coming out soon.

Links to things mentioned in the show:

Donald's website & twitter handle:

Dan's website & twitter handle:

Alien (Movie)

Russian Unicorn Bad Lip Reading Video:

Clang Kickstarter with Neal Stephenson:

Round Table Podcast

Writing Excuses Podcast

Music used in the podcast by Kevin Macleod:

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