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Monday, June 11, 2012

Poetry on the Horizon

We just moved, which means unpacking a lot of boxes. Some of these boxes were left unpacked at our last house. I'm not sure why, I guess we either didn't have the room for all the stuff in the boxes, or we knew we would eventually move again so we just left it unpacked. Either way, I have been finding stuff that I haven't seen since my wife and I first moved back to our hometown from Seattle. One of the things in a box I found while unpacking was a collection of stories and poems I wrote in college for a creative writing class. I was majoring in multimedia and animation but to earn a bachelors I had to take a certain amount of elective classes. I've always liked writing and so I was excited to have an elective class that I knew I would like. Anyways, I started reading through some of the poems in this book. There are a couple short stories, but I remember those so I just read a few of the poems. Some of them I forgot all about, and one of them I really like. I remember recording it and putting a little bit of animation to it for one of my animation class projects. Who knew then that I was learning how to create a podcast? No one because podcasts didn't exist for another year or two.

I'm sure I have the documents printed on these pages I found somewhere on a disk in box in the basement, but writing them back out will probably be faster than finding them. So over the next little while as I finish the third draft of my novel I'm going to publish some of them on here in text and audio. I'll post my favorite one first. It's about how much I like coffee. Reading these reminds me of being in school. Man that was a long time ago, coming up on a decade in a year or so here. That is crazy. Anyways. Look for some old poems of mine to come soon. Have a nice weekend!

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