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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pen Fights Gamepad Podcast Episode 4

In the Pen Fights Gamepad podcast my co-host Donald Conrad and I talk video games, writing, movies, comic books, being dads, husbands and more. This week we talked about a lot of fun stuff, a lot of cool stuff, and had a lot of laughs. In this episode we also talked quite a bit about my novel, currently in the hands of beta readers, which Donald has almost finished reading. We had many a good laugh at some blatent mistakes I made where I thought I had more on the page than is actually there. We laughed a lot and had a fun time recording. We went long again, but according to our fans that's what they like so here you go, an hour and a half of good times:

.mp3 direct download
Blog Post on Podcast's website.

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