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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pen Fights Gamepad podcast | Episode 5

We talked a lot about a lot of cool stuff and had many laughs in this episode! To celebrate reaching our fifth episode we recorded the longest one yet! I bet if you listen to it it will not feel like two and a half hours. Tons of fun, and we talked quite a while about what I plan to do with my book before I tackle the forth draft. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Donald Conrad of and Dan Absalonson of talk about video games, writing, being husbands with awesome wifes and fathers of many young children, what life is like as dads and lots of other stuff. Topics covered in this show:

- We talk taking young children to theme parks.
- Donald went to a local theme park called Silverwood with his family
  - Tiny Toot Train
- Dan talks about his recent trip taking his family to Disneyland
- Water World stage show, Kevin Costner's fish wig, the movie Open Range
- Vegas TV show
- We talk about all the Reboots going on like Fantastic Four
- Donald saw The Amazing Spider-Man movie in 3D, he liked it
- Dan watched Iron Man 1 & Iron Man 2, he liked them
- Tech in Iron Man vs what is available today
- Dan saw The Expendables and really liked it
- X-Men First class
- Dan read more of Donald's graphic novel The Death of Don Hat
- Dan's blog post on writing a prequel novel and writing the back story of a character and why Donald thinks it's a bad idea
- Rogue archetype character breakdown, examples Han Solo, Aragorn
- A Pen Fights Gamepad drinking game which we don't recommend you play
- Firefly
- Why Dan hates when cool looking animated characters are ruined by high pitched voices and why Mickey Mouse's gloves may be white
- Breaking down the universe of Mickey Mouse and the speculative technology behind Mickey Mouse's helper character Tootles
- Donald brought over his Playstation Vita and Dan finally plays Gravity Rush
- How playing games, reading books, watching movies has been revolutionized with the ability to consume in bite size chunks whenever you have spare time
- Donald talks about his PS Vita
- Steam summer sale on video games
- The Secret of Monkey Island (video game)
- The Hitman games
- Mission Impossible for the N64
- Hitman: Blood Money cheap on Steam and awesome
- The Crisis Collection (unique first person shooter)
- Independant games like Terraria, Jamestown on steam
- Indie musicians, authors, and how it's all been revolutionized from the days of the big publishers
- Building and managing our website, web analytics
- Wordpress VS Blogger
- This is episode 5! Celebrate with us by sending us an audio recording, we'll play it on the show!
- Why some people were gamers as kids, mostly females, but are no longer interested in video games but will still play old console games

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