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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm A Published Author!

Okay, so technically I've had short stories published as eBooks for quite a while now, but this is in a real paperback book put out by a real publisher! This is a dream come true! I'm so excited to hold a copy in my hands and read the other great stories inside by the other authors. Five Rivers Publishing is releasing A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil on June 1st - the thing is it became available on Amazon early and apparently people already have copies out in the wild as proven by the video below!

And here's the beautiful cover:

Support me and the other awesome authors and get yourself a copy. You can order it for $18 on the Fiver Rivers site, or get it on Amazon for about the same price now. Thanks for stopping by! What a day this is for me. I'm so excited!!!

One last thing, if you're also an author in this book use this Avatar in your social media places if you want to:

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