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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Every Photo Tells eBooks Page

The fine folks over at Every Photo Tells now have a new page on their website entitled eBooks! Why is this exciting? For several reasons. One - their awesome stories are so great in audio, but for those who aren't big fans of audio fiction, now these wonderful stories can be shared with a new audience who prefer text. Not only do they now have a Volume 1 of the stories from their awesome podcast, but they listed other authors eBooks who've contributed to the podcast. I'm so grateful - they were kind and awesome enough to list my anthology, Danthology, on there! It contains several stories of mine that they accepted and published on their podcast and a bunch of my other short stories. They do an amazing job reading them. So go check out their new eBook, Every Photo Tells... Vol. 1, and their podcast because it's awesome. They have tons of cool stories in tons of genres. Here's the blurb for Volume 1 from their website:

‘Every Photo Tells… (Vol. 1)‘ is a short story anthology that sets out to show that every picture can tell more than just one story, by presenting a range of tales inspired by ten photographs. Mick and Katharina Bordet present their stories covering a wide range of themes and genres from the first ten months of EPT. Whether your taste is for horror or whodunnit, modern thriller or period swashbuckler, fantasy or sci-fi, there is sure to be something for you in this collection.


  1. We want more Fezdon!! :D :D :D

    And thank you! :)

    1. Thank you! :) You and Mick are awesome! More Fezdon, yes I need to work on that :)