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Friday, October 13, 2017

More Inktober Drawings and a Writing Update

Here's a few more #Inktober drawings. I've been liking ballpoint. Also I finished the second draft of my novel "Haunted House Flipper!" I'm doing one last clean up pass and then it's off to Beta Readers!

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#Inktober Day 7 #Gecko #Lizard #drawing #PostingLate

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  1. You’re have a talent man! Especially that Gecko it’s so cool, look like it from Disney cartoon. Oh, wait or is it Kermit from Muppet show? Do you have more pictures aside from Elephant I already found? Last question is why this three, why you did choose this animals to draw? In addition, I think you could be a good writer on outsource for Think about it. =)

    1. Hi Wilhelm! I was drawing an animal that started with a certain letter for each day in October. So on October 1st I drew an Alligator. On the 2nd I drew a Barn owl. On the 3rd a Camel and so on. So that Gecko lizard was for G. Thanks for the invitation to write for flashessay, but I guard my writing time for writing my own novels and don't have much of it to begin with. Thanks for the nice comments and have a great week!