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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Writing Podcasts Worth Listening To

One of my favorite podcasts, Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, is back in production! For their first episode back they featured Greg Van Eekhout, author of Norse Code. It was gone for four months while the main host Shaun Farrell was busy moving his family and starting a new career. If you go and listen to the podcast, you'll join me in saying we're all glad he and his co-host Sam are back!

Let me take this opportunity to list my favorite writing related podcasts. I have learned a whole lot about the craft of writing, the publishing world, and what being an author is really like for some by listening to these great podcasts. I recommend finding all of these podcasts in iTunes, it's much easier than downloading each podcast manually. But it's also fun to look at their sites so here they are:

Writing Excuses
Get Published
Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing
The Secrets
Holly Lisle On Writing
I Should Be Writing
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
Writers Talking
The Writing Show
The Creative Penn

Enjoy! You'll thank me later :)