My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New eBook for Sale & eBook Pricing

My Christian suspense novelette "A Second Chance" is now available in all the eBook formats on Smashwords and in the Kindle format at Amazon. I have been trying to finish editing this story for over three weeks now, so I'm really excited to finally get it out as text. It took me four long sit downs to get the editing done - with each sit down ranging from one to three hours. I'm liking the system of writing a story, editing it, podcasting it, letting it sit, then coming back to it to edit it one more time for eBook publication. I've noticed how valuable it is to let a story sit for a while before going back to edit it. Even though I have already podcast all of my stories, I still read it aloud when editing to catch all the things my eyes will skip past.

This story comes in at almost 11K words. Most of my other stories are around 5K words, and it's easy to take an hour or two and knock out an editing pass on them before publishing them. Since this story is twice as long as my others, it took a lot more work and it will be the first one I will be selling for more than .99¢ I will be selling this story for a whopping $1.99. Doing this made me rethink how much I might sell my 80K word novel for when it comes out.

eBook Pricing

This brings up a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately. It's a hot topic: eBook pricing. I was going to sell my 80K word upcoming novel for $2.99, but now I'm thinking I might sell it for $3.99. Here's my new breakdown:
  • FREE - Around 2K words or less (loss leader for other stories) Flash Fiction/Short Story
  • $0.99 - 7.5K words or less Short Story
  • $1.99 - 7.5K to 20K words Novelette
  • $2.99 - 25K - 50K words Novella
  • $3.99 - 50K + words Novel
What do you think? Too much, not enough? Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fezdon's Mistake is Now Available

My Every Photo Tells short story "Fezson's Mistake" has been recorded and is now available! I just listened to it, and they did a bang up job again - great narration! Episode 62 of Every Photo Tells - Fezdon's Mistake is a prequal to my first submission to their podcast which was titled "Helsa's Secret Ingredient." Enjoy, and check out their podcast for more great short stories by other fine writers.

Here is their blurb for this story:

"People make mistakes every day. When you’re a wizard, mistakes can be a little more… colorful."

I highly recommend submitting a story to Every Photo Tells. It's a great experience.

This story will soon be avialable as a free eBook in multiple formats. In the mean time, check out the custom cover I made for it below. I'm hoping to attract as many downloads from it as my last free short story did, which was up to 70 on the first day.