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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Haunted House Flipper | Manuscript Update

I'm currently about halfway through chapter 43 of my novel at 49,520 words. When I'm finished I'll have 50 chapters. That means I'm about 87% of the way done with the first draft! It's almost up to the NaNoWriMo standard of 50,000 words. That was actually my goal for the finished manuscript, but many of my chapters are running longer than 1,000 words. I'm okay with it.

I'm a huge believer in outlines, but I also think that you should feel free to change your outline as you write. I'm guessing the book will end up around 60K words. Some of my chapters end in the middle of a scene. I've been using the chapters to get the right length and pace to fit my story structure and plot. After I'm finished with the book and I know that things like my breaking into Act II story beat happens around the 25% mark and my midpoint happens around the halfway point, I'll probably combine some chapters. Okay, back to it. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Writing Every Day in April Week 2

I am so confused. I swear I wrote a post last week about writing every day in April and covered how week one went. As I look back though, the post is nowhere. It's not in a saved draft, it's not on this blog. I don't know what the heck happened to it. I even remember making the graphic for it. What the heck?! Well anyway, since that blog post is nowhere to be found, I'll let you know how this month of writing every day has gone including weeks one and two. Unlike in March this time around I've tracked my word count for every day. Here are my results. They might surprise you. People seem to think I get a ton of writing done. I certainly get more done then before I started writing every day, but I have some very sparse days with very few words. Here's the rundown below. My lowest day is highlighted in blue, my highest day is in green, and my average is highlighted in yellow:

DateDaily Word CountTotal Word CountAverage Word Count

And here's a handy graph of my word count:
Click on this image to see it at a larger size!
See nothing special! But I am writing every day and that has been amazing. The story is always fresh in my mind and even if I have 5 minutes to write on a given day the words just flow! Also the fact that for now my goal is to simply write something every day I have an easily attainable goal. Some of my best days are ones where I started out not thinking I could write but I knew I could at least get one sentence down. Here's the secret: once you start you just keep going! It's the getting started part that is sometimes so hard! Someday I hope to be like the other cool kids and have a daily word count but for now just establishing a daily writing habit is enough and it's helped me make a lot of progress on my current novel.

I found the image I made for week 1 so there's proof I worked on something for a post for week 1!:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Dan Dan The Art Man's Book Reviews | Episode 60
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Download the .mp3

In this 60th episode, I review Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. Listen to hear why I thought this book was an awesome gruesome adventure! Lots of wonderment, and a whole lot of super scary dinosaur action. The story of why I chose to read this book is fun too. 

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Jurassic Park: A Novel

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Jurassic Park: A Novel (Affiliate Link)
Written by Michael Crichton
Narrated Scott Brick

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sparks and Flame Cover Reveal

I've been toying with the idea of publishing all of my short stories in one collection for a long time. I just could never come up with a great name or cover. I named it "Danthology" at one point calling it an anthology of short stories by me, but that's not really an anthology. It's a short story collection. An anthology has a theme to all of the stories.

Most of my stories are either Science Fiction or Fantasy and so I like what I've come up with. Sparks and Flame will be the eBook and paperback edition of all my short stories packed into one book. I'm really excited to get it out there because I'm really proud of a lot of my short stories but there's no good way to publish them in a book unless I make a short story collection. This will be fun! As always thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day 31 of Writing Every Day In March

I did it! I wrote every day in the month of March!!! My manuscript is at 40,108 words. I'm in chapter 35 of 50! My first draft is 70% done!

I'm not sure how much I wrote this month, but I think it was around 16,000 to 17,000 words. It looks like I started around chapter 21 and from there the word count in my manuscript is almost 17,000. What I can tell you is it was the best writing experience I've had so far. Not as exciting as a 6,000+ word day I had during one NaNoWriMo, but a really great method I want to continue for the rest of my life. It's simple: write every day. That's it. It doesn't matter how many words, or for how long, but you write every day. It kept my mind in the story so every time I sat down to write, even if it was for five minutes, I could crank out the words and add more to my story.

I still didn't write a ton this month considering I wrote every day, but it was a whole lot more than I would have written using my normal technique. Wait until I have a decent chuck of free time and write for a large chunk. The problem is that those times usually come only a few times a month. So I never wrote consistently. Now that I've experienced writing every day, I never want to go back. So this month of April I will write every day again, AND track my word count. I should have a spiffy graph at the end of the month. Then you will see I'm not doing anything special. My biggest days were only 1,000 - 2,000 words, but a lot of days I only wrote a couple hundred words. 

In conclusion, I'm really glad I decided to make this challenge for myself. Part of the inspiration was a story about someone who decided to just do 5 pushups every time they brushed their teeth. 5 pushups was an easily attainable goal that they knew they could do every time. They almost always ended up doing way more than 5 pushups, but with that as the goal they always did them. I had many days where I did not feel like writing. In fact, some of my best writing sessions happened when I felt like I wouldn't be able to write anything good and thought "all I have to do is write one sentence." Knowing I could do that I would get started writing. The great thing I discovered this month? Once you start you always just keep going! My days with really small word counts were just days where I only had a small amount of time to jot down several paragraphs.

The other inspiration was from Jerry Seinfeld of all people. He's a super productive dude. He takes a calendar and every time he has a day where he wrote jokes he puts a red X on it. Then he marks a red X on the next day and it looks like a chain. Then he says "Don't break the chain." You can read about it in this Lifehacker article.

I think having daily word counts to hit deadlines is a smart awesome thing. For me right now, however, with my family of 6 and full time day job - I will keep writing everyday. No matter how many words I get down, I will write every day. And the words will keep piling up! Thanks for going on this journey with me!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 28 of Writing Every Day In March

Well, it's the 28th and so far I've written every day this month! That is so awesome and exciting to me! It's a streak I haven't even accomplished during NaNoWriMo. I really wish I would have tracked exactly where I was in my manuscript so I could know the total number of words I will have written in March, but either way this little self-imposed challenge has been really successful so far. I'm thinking I'm just going to do it again next month - and try to keep it going for the rest of my life. Next month, though, I will be posting the word count for every day I write. Some days will be around 1,000 words or more, while others could be only a couple hundred. Below is a very rough approximation of my word count output so far this month:

Alright, here's a little progress report:

I'm just into the start of chapter 34 and at 38,247 words. The finished manuscript will probably be around 60,000 words. The story is going well and getting near the end of Act 2. Halfway through chapter 37 I'll be hitting Act 3. Then everything will ramp up and get harder and more exciting. My main character will really be pushed to try and get his goal accomplished. It should make for some exciting story. I can't wait to write it! It will be so exciting to finish this book. Writing every day this month has definitely gotten me a whole lot closer to finishing it. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dan Dan The Art Man's Book Reviews | Episode 59
Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

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In this 59th episode, I review Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Listen to hear why I like this book a lot, even though it's not a genre I typically read. 

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Dead Until Dark  (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 1)

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Dead Until Dark: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery 1 (Affiliate Link)
Written by Charlaine Harris
Narrated Johanna Parker

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 19 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday was a close one. I almost didn't write! It was a very full day. I wrote a few sentences right before bed, but I wrote! I didn't break the chain of red xs on the calendar! Even though there were very few words written, it kept my head in the story and added to the pile that will someday be a novel. It's pretty clear I won't be able to finish this book in the month of March, but sometime in April seems very likely. That's still pretty exciting.

I have yet to publish a full-length novel. If this one turns out to be as fun and well structured as I'm hoping, then it will be my first published novel. I've written a few other full length novels, but they aren't publishable. There's some great stuff in them I'm proud of, but I still had a lot to learn about telling a story. I still do!

I'm also over halfway done writing another novel called "Zombie Super Powers" that I workshopped on The Roundtable Podcast, and that's what I'll be finishing next. I also finished a manuscript last year of a chapter book called "The Case of the Missing Snowman." That one is just waiting on illustrations to be finished. I'm the illustrator so I need to have a little sit down with myself and come up with a way to get those finished so I can publish that book.

If all goes well I will be publishing at least these three books this year:
  1. Haunted House Flipper (previously titled Ghost Hunting Realtor)
  2. The Case of the Missing Snowman
  3. Zombie Super Powers

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs | Book Review

Amazon Affiliate Link
This was a fun well-written adventure. Part coming of age, part urban fantasy, part time travel story. It was a lot more frank and honest than I was expecting from a fantasy story. 

It reads a lot more like a literary coming of age book with fantastical elements woven throughout the pages. At times the writing was so good, beautiful, and used such great words that it didn't seem to mesh well with the way the main character would have actually written it. The narrator often felt a lot more like the author writing the book than the main character writing the book in first person. It was well written beautiful prose, but it sometimes took me out of the story a little bit because I didn't think it fit the main character's voice.

Other than that I have no complaints about this story and I thought it was awesome. It was well told. There was a lot of great mystery to it. It seemed to take forever to reveal the fantastical stuff in the book, but it was a good kind of edge of your seat waiting. I really enjoyed going on this journey with the main character.

I read this book by listening to the audio book. I don't recommend you do the same, but the second and third books are by a narrator I really like so check those out if you liked this first book. The narrator for this book is talented and is actually a great narrator - but he is really awful at accents. A lot of the characters have accents in this book and he just butchered their lines. It was really painful. It didn't ruin the audiobook for me, but it made it much less enjoyable and I wish I would have read the book with my eyes instead of listening to this version of it. That said - if I knew there wouldn't be any accents in it - I would listen to another audiobook read by this narrator because when he wasn't trying to use an accent he was great.

The story ends in a cool place that leaves you eager to read the next book in the series, but it was still a great complete story all its own. The world is going to become a whole lot bigger in the next book. I look forward to continuing my journey with these fun peculiar characters.

Buy the book on Amazon (Affiliate Link):
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children)

Check out the author's website:

Day 15 of Writing Every Day In March

I'm currently in chapter 27 of my novel and I have passed the 30,000 word mark! The sometimes small amount of words I've been writing every day sure are piling up! I have been writing daily for 16 days now and I never want to go back! Before I was only writing when I happened to find large chunks of freetime.

I have found it so helpful to just make sure I write every day. Even if it's only for a few minutes it helps keep my brain in the story! That is so helpful. Anyways, 16 days of writing and I've written over 30,000 words in my novel now! I'm not sure on the total I've written this month but I think I was around chapter 20 or 21 when I started so I'm guessing from that it's around 8,000 words in the last 16 days.

I doubt I'll be able to finish my novel by the end of the month with the last several meager days of writing I've had, but I've still been writing everyday and I'm seeing progress everyday. It shouldn't be too long into April before I finish my first draft. I can't wait to get this book to beta readers to get feedback on it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 12 of Writing Every Day In March

I've been busy, but I have been writing. I haven't been writing much, but I still have dipped into my novel and tapped out a few words every day. The last few days the words have been sparse, but I haven't missed a day of writing. Even when I'm only able to write a little bit it still keeps the story fresh in my mind.

I'm having a little trouble making sure that the midpoint of the story does what it needs to. I don't think I had the character make dramatic enough decisions and actions so I've been adding little bits to chapter 26, and also going back into chapter 25 to beef it up a little. Once I get through this little midpoint logjam I think the story will start to flow again. I'm expecting my commute home today to bring a lot of new words and hopefully complete chapter 26. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your writing has gone well. I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 9 of Writing Every Day In March

I know I got some writing done during my commute today, although my commute was much shorter than usual because I didn't go to work today. I'm taking the day off to spend it with my sweetheart. I'm writing this on day 9 instead of the day after my writing because this post date is my 10 year wedding anniversary! I am so thankful for my amazing wife. I can't wait to spend the next 10 years with her, and hopefully 50 more after that depending on how long we live. She's my best friend and I can't imagine life without her.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dan Dan The Art Man's Book Reviews | Episode 58
Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn

Download the .mp3

In this 58th episode, I review the Heir to the Empire (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, Vol. 1) by Timothy Zahn. Listen to hear why I thought it was an amazing book that did a fantastic job of handling some of the most beloved characters in fandom. Timothy Zahn knocked it out of the park in this one. I also talk about how amazing the audiobook narrated by Marc Thompson are because of his ridiculous talent for doing all the voices and all of the extra production that went into it with sound effects and music. 

Buy the Book on Amazon (Affiliate Link):
Heir to the Empire (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, Vol. 1)

Learn more about the author:

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Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (20th Anniversary Edition), The Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 (Affiliate Link)
Written by Timothy Zahn
Narrated by Marc Thompson

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Day 8 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote around 900 words. I wrote on my phone on my commute using speech to text again. I wrote most of chapter 25. I'm pretty much halfway through my novel now! The story just keeps flowing and I keep coming up with ways to add tension to the scenes and I think it's really making the characters feel more real as they interact with each other in realistic ways.

Dealing with haunted houses and demons is one thing, but having to fix a relationship with your contractor because you were so mad you walked out on him just as you were about to start a job is another! I'm hoping these tense character interactions will flesh out the story and make it more than just a weird adventure about a realtor who finds the power to get rid of evil spirits in haunted houses so he can renovate and sell them.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 7 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote almost 900 words. I wrote on my phone on my commute using speech to text again. I wrote most of chapter 24. I'm getting so close to chapter 25 which is halfway through my novel! The midpoint where my character goes from reacting to acting. It's time to make plans to defeat the bad guy.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 6 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote a little over 500 words. I wrote on my phone on my commute using speech to text. I would have been able to write a lot more but the weather on the freeway was pretty sketchy with fresh snow. I was driving through slush so I chose to just focus on driving until I got off the freeway onto dry roads in my home town where the weather was much better.

I finished the 24th chapter though, so I'm still on track to finish the novel this month! I just have to complete a chapter every day. I shoot for 1,000 words but they usually end up being around 12,000 or even a little more sometimes. The manuscript is at 27,574 words with 24 chapters complete. At this rate the finished manuscript will be around 57,500 words. That will be a nice length. I outlined and planned for it to be about 50,000 words with 50, 1,000 word, chapters. Some of those will probably get shortened, but most chapters are turning out to be around 12,000 words so it's increasing the length of my book, which I'm totally okay with! It's still going to be a fun quick read.

As far as I'm concerned I still have a lot to learn so my plan is to write a whole bunch of short novels in several different genres. That way I can see if a particular genre or story grabs me and maybe from there I can start a series, but for now I just want to keep cranking out fun short adventure novels in lots of different genres and see if any of them find an audience.

There is one book I've written that I know is the first of many in a series. It's called The Case of the Missing Snowman and it will be the first in my Barnabas Thackeray Mysteries series. I'm still working on finishing the illustrations for that book but the writing is complete on it. Maybe I'll start the second one in the series after I finish this book. Or one of the other 50 ideas I have for books :) I seriously have a document with 52 book ideas at the moment. It's always growing too.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 5 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote a little over 2,000 words. I don't see how that's right because it didn't feel like I was even writing for very long, but I do remember the words were just pouring out of me super fast. I wrote on my Dell laptop. I don't like the keyboard on it nearly as much as my bluetooth keyboard, or our MacBook Pro, but it got the job done. This whole writing every day thing is really making a big difference in my productivity. Every time I sit down the words just flow because the story is still fresh in my mind. I'm used to writing in rare chunks of time that are few and far between. Often when I write it has been over a week since the last time I wrote anything. I don't ever want to go back there.

I really think having the simple goal to write every day is what has made such a big difference. I've never written this much in a week, other than during NaNoWriMo. I'm not getting up to the 1,667 words you strive for during NaNoWriMo, but I surpassed that word count goal by a little bit last night. I'm in chapter 24 and if I finish chapter 25 today then I will be on track to finish this novel by the end of the month! That would will be so awesome!

The best part in all of this is that I'm really enjoying the storytelling. I haven't once found myself stopping to check my word count. My mind is focused on the story. I don't even care how many words I'm getting down. I'm just making sure that I write something every day. I'm always surprised by how many words I get at the end of my writing session.

So here's to another day of not breaking my writing streak and painting another box with a red x on the calendar!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 4 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote a little over 900 words. I took my son to gymnastics and the other kids were going to play in the tubes and tunnels there, but they were closed for the day. So I took them to a Burger King with tubes and tunnels, or a "play place." They played, I bought a coffee, and I wrote.

I had my awesome wireless bluetooth keyboard with me that has a perfect docking spot for my iPhone 6+. In a little over a half hour I was able to knock out over 900 words. I think having headphones in playing the soundtrack to the Super Nintendo game Alcahest helped my productivity. Music in a public place really helps me drown out the noise around me and focus on my writing. I was at a table near a window and had a trusty cup of coffee by my side.

It was an excellent day of writing and my most prolific yet. The words just flowed. It was awesome. One more red x on the calendar!

Day 3 of Writing Every Day In March

Note: I'm posting this a day late because my wife and I stayed up way too late with some awesome friends playing a board game called Power Grid. It was so fun! Totally worth it but we went straight to bed once they left so I didn't have time to post my update for Day 3. Here's a pic of our fun:

Yesterday I wrote, well I'm not really sure how many words, but it was a good little pile of them. It was over 500 but I'm not really sure how many. It was another writing session that happened during my commute home with speech to text on my iPhone. I don't think I e mentioned that's how I do a lot of my writing. I prefer writing on a keyboard but speech to text is the fastest way to get words on the screen. It also is a great way to write dialogue. Since you're speaking the words they just come out a lot more natural than when you're typing. One more red x on the calendar!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 2 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote about 850 words. I had another nice long stretch on my commute home. That's still not a ton of words for a day but it is about 350 more words than Day 1. I have chapter 21 finished and most of chapter 22. I'm not writing a ton of words, but so far I have managed to write every day and I'm really happy about that.

When I finish the 25th chapter of the novel I will be halfway done with it. Wouldn't it be cool if I could finish my novel this month? That is my goal. With that said, I should probably figure out what my word count for each day needs to be and try and hit that. I have 28 days left in the month and about 28 chapters so I would have to write a chapter a day. I try to shoot for 1,000-word chapters but they usually end up being a little more than that.

I think I will do that. One chapter a day, but I'm still not going to beat myself up for days with only a couple hundred words. Even if I only write a little bit, but do it every day, I'll still have more words at the end of the week.

Two days in a row isn't much of a streak, but it's a great place to start! I can't wait to see this calendar full of red xs. I will be super bummed if there is even one day that ends up blank. My goal is to not let that happen. Even if you're coming in a couple days late, join me! Start your own calendar and paint it red!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 1 of Writing Every Day In March

Yesterday I wrote about 500 words. I did it in fits and spurts, but had one pretty good session on my commute home. 500 words isn't a lot, but I'm totally happy with it. I'm done feeling bad about writing less than a certain number of words on a day that I planned to write, because now I plan to write every day.

Easily Attainable Goals

I heard this guy, on a podcast or somewhere, who studied will power came up with an interesting plan for getting in shape. He took something that he was already in the habit of, brushing his teeth, and used that to spark a new habit of doing push-ups. He was smart about it though and tricked himself in a cool way. He knew that if he set out to do like 50 push-ups that he would probably fail or not even start the first one. So he had the easily attainable goal of doing just five push-ups every time he brushed his teeth. He found that he would always do the push-ups because he knew he could do five, but also that once he got to five he would just keep going. So he would end up doing way more than five push-ups, but if his goal had been more he might not have started. Pretty powerful stuff that really worked.

It seems like with anything in life just getting started is the hardest thing. So I've always wanted to be a writer who writes every day, but it just seemed impossible. I could never find the time. That's why at first I was trying to have a goal of writing just 250 words every day. It seemed pretty attainable to me. I still couldn't keep it up consistently, though. Now my goal is just to write every day. It's OK if I can only write for three minutes and get 150 words down. At least I wrote that day. I have found that the times where I have started to write with the knowledge that it might only be for a few minutes it ends up being a writing session where I get a lot more words down that I thought I would. So I am very proud of my 500 words that I wrote yesterday. I plan to write more than that today, but my goal is just to write today. I've heard that it's really good to have a word count you try to reach every day and I'm hoping I get there someday, but for now I'm just committing to writing every day.

I'd love to hear how you're doing in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1 Month of Writing Everyday

It's already March 1st tomorrow!!! How the heck did those first two months of 2017 already go by? I am trying to finish a novel and I've discovered an amazing truth. I think I discovered it a long time ago and probably even blogged about it, but it's this. When people say to write every day they are giving you the best advice. Even if you're only able to write for five minutes! I usually write in chunks of an hour or more whenever I happen to stumble upon free time. This means I don't actually write very often. Because of this, every time I do write I need to remind myself of where I was in my story. I found out while traveling last weekend that writing every day gives you one major advantage. You can pick up right where you left off the day before because it's still fresh in your mind.

Write Everyday even if it's just for a few minutes!

We drove from our hometown of Spokane Washington to Portland Oregon. Fresh off of six plus hours of driving I crashed for a little while on the hotel bed next to my wife. It was so nice to rest. I had written the day before but didn't expect to get any writing done on this trip. I pulled out my phone and brought up the latest chapter I was working on. Then, for like 15 minutes, I busted out a ton of words. They just flowed. It was so awesome! I didn't get a ton of writing done, but I guarantee that I will get more words down per month if I get in the habit of writing everyday than if I write when large chunks of time find me. So join me in my goal of writing everyday this March!

I'm going to try and make this calendar RED!

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger | Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. I laughed a ton! Holden Caufield, the main character, cracks me up. He would be fun to hang out with. I love his sense of humor even though he spends much of this story lonely and depressed. I'm never a fan of authors using a ton of profanity but it just works in this book and makes the main characters voice that much more authentic. If swearing bothers you, though, you probably won't enjoy this book. 

I can't say much about the story. There's not much there. A kid flunks out of college and takes a little trip just bumming around until he goes back home. The way it is told though was fantastic. It's told in first-person, so the protagonist is the narrator. The voice is insanely authentic. It just flows like the kid is sitting across from you telling you the story. I can see why people might hate this book or find it pointless because there's not much story there, but I found it to be an incredibly enjoyable character study. The voice J.D. Salinger pulls off in this novel is prodigious. 

It's not easy to make it come off so natural; like someone is just talking to you telling you their story. I can see why this book is considered a classic for the reasons I've listed above. I mostly read Science Fiction and Fantasy adventures. This book was so different. It was a refreshing palate cleanser. I'm glad I finally picked it up to see what it was all about. Now I know who Holden Caulfield is! I've heard that name many times but never knew who he was. Now I do and in a big way because this book fleshes him out brilliantly. He's the main character of this book. He's a kid who needs to figure his life out and become an adult, but he doesn't want to. Not because he's immature, but because he wants to hold on to the innocence of childhood. He was an awesome character to get to know. You get to know him really well as a very unique and likable person over the course of the story. It was a pleasure to read.

Get the book on Amazon (Affiliate Link):
The Catcher in the Rye

Learn more about the author: