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Monday, August 12, 2013

Next Town Over | Awesome Web Comic

Image Source: by Erin Mehlos
Next Town Over is a web comic by Erin Mehlos I stumbled upon this weekend that just blew me away. Not only does it contain great story telling, both visually and through the words, but the art is amazing. Even the panel borders are impressive. They are ornate. You can really tell the artist loves what they're doing because such care has gone into this comic. It's not thrown together. I want to do web comics too, but the few times I've tried I haven't completed much because it is so time consuming. Even if you're just doing black and white you have to pencil it, ink it, do the lettering, scan it, upload it - and if you add even simple color it adds much more time to the process. 

I'm pretty certain that if the novella I'm starting the third draft on is received well that I'm going to do a graphic novel version of it that I will also post as a web comic page by page. I started it a while back but now the story has changed and I'm just going to do it black and white but you can check out the first page. I thought it would be fun to use a crayon texture I made for the coloring but if I end up doing it I'll just be going black and white. Drawing it will be a great project that will get me in my sketchbook more and should improve my drawing skills as I'll be having to draw a lot. I look forward to seeing how this novella does and possibly start planning to do graphic novels/comics that go with a lot of my stories. It would be a lot of work but it would be so cool! Anyways, enjoy Next Town Over, I know I am! Thanks for stopping by!

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