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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brandon Sanderson wants Worldcon 2015 in My Home Town

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We have a convention here in Spokane, WA called SpoCon. This year Brandon Sanderson was the guest of honor. Because of that I got to meet him and have my copy of The Way of Kings signed! Check out my blog post I Met Brandon Sanderson for pics. The fine folks who run SpoCon have a bid to bring WorldCon to my home town in 2015. Here's their website Spokane In 2015 about it. Here is Brandon Sanderson's blog post about it:

Hey, all. This is a post that may not be relevant for everyone, but I thought it was an important one to make anyway.

I had the pleasure of being Guest of Honor a few weeks back at SpoCon, a sf/fantasy convention in Spokane, Washington. Well, it turns out that the same group who run SpoCon have a bid out forWorldcon in 2015. The voting will happen this weekend at Worldcon in San Antoniowhich I'm attending. (Though kind of last-minute.)
Voting costs $40, and unfortunately it's too late to mail in ballots; it has to be done in person. Voting also gets you a supporting membership to whichever Worldcon wins for 2015—meaning you can vote in that year's Hugos as well (and get that year's Hugo Voter Packet), for cheaper than it will cost to buy a supporting membership once 2015 rolls around. And a supporting membership can be upgraded to an attending membership very easily.
Since I was just hosted by these people, I think I'm in a unique position to give them—and their Worldcon bid—a shout-out. The guest liaison team was top-notch, and the entire convention was extremely well organized. I was surprised by how pretty Spokane was this time of year to boot.

If anyone is debating where to put their vote for Worldcon, let me nudge you toward Spokane. I don't know anything about the other Worldcon bid teams, and I'm sure there are plenty of great people on them—but I know for certain the team in Spokane knows what they're doing. The city itself is pushing hard for the convention, even going so far to send city representatives to Worldcon this year to lobby.

Hats off to the entire crew. I had a wonderful time, and would love to return in two years for Worldcon. This is a bid to take very seriously.


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