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Thursday, August 15, 2013

In The Charts on Wattpad!

I can't believe it! My short story Stuffed Monster has dipped below #200 in Fantasy and is at #198 right now on Wattpad! I've written in a previous post how this is none of my doing, but I'll take it! Thanks Ivan Yuen co-founder of Wattpad!


I've had a novelette called "A Second Chance" sitting on Amazon and Smashwords for a long time just lingering around for .99¢ and not much has happened with it. So yesterday I decided to strike while the iron is hot and put it up on Wattpad where I've been getting a lot of traffic lately. I put it up yesterday afternoon and this morning it was at #96 in Spiritual and #193 in Mystery/Thriller! I don't think any of this will last but it sure is fun and exciting! :) Also, if you'd rather have a copy of this novelette on your kindle, nook, or other device I made it so you can pay whatever price you want including FREE over at Smashwords. There you can get it in .epub for most devices or .mobi for your Kindle or Kindle apps. Thanks for stopping by!


Check out these numbers! My novelette A Second Chance is at #63 in the Spiritual charts, and my short story Bullets and Tears is at #66 in Historical Fiction. I seriously doubt I'll see numbers like these again anytime soon, but hopefully I'll prove myself wrong someday :)

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