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Friday, November 15, 2013

Wattpad Emailed Me Today.

A little website I like to call Wattpad sent me an email today:
So that's super cool! I have all of my stories up on Wattpad because it's an awesome place to share them and get feedback and read other people's stories and become part of an awesome community! I love Wattpad. It's also cool because as a reader you can read a story in your browser, or snag the app for every device you have and keep reading there. I have found some other writers on there and lots of great people who love to read and actually comment on your story. It is very hard to find that elsewhere. It's also quite difficult to find a place where so many people will read your work. Even if you don't get comments you can see how many people have read each chapter. You can use that as a tool, like if you have tons of readers but they all drop off at a certain chapter, maybe there's some revision or rewriting that needs to take place there. 
I can't take credit for being a most followed user. I still think that happened because Ivan Yuen, one of the founders of Wattpad, read a couple of my stories, voted for them, left positive feedback on them, and followed me. I blogged about it here. Ever since then I've seen many of my stories get into the charts. That has mostly died down now but I have noticed the novel I'm currently writing as gotten near #100, gone back into the #700s, and as I write this is #439. I happen to think it's the best novel length work I've written yet, but that's easy to say because I haven't finished it yet and I've trunked my other three full novels :) Still I continue to be excited about having my work on Wattpad and it was a nice treat to get this email today. It's really easy to get discouraged about your writing because it's something that takes a very long time to get good at. I've been learning that writing well is one thing, but writing a great story is something else. I've blogged about this before. It has lead me to a search on how I can write a better story which brought me to learning about story structure. Check out the links under Storytelling Tools on the right sidebar of my site by scrolling down... or I could just paste them in for you right here:

Storytelling Tools

Below is the cool little widget Wattpad gave me for being one of the most followed user so of course I've got to share it with you! You can actually start reading my novel right in the widget. How cool is that? Give it a shot. I already have 9 chapters up there and more are on their way. As always thanks for stopping by!

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