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Friday, August 9, 2013

In The Wattpad Charts Again

I was looking over my works on Wattpad and realized I had two short stories that I never uploaded. They've been everywhere else for a long time. So I uploaded these two stories, and they have shot up the charts! Again, this will maybe last the day but it's still kind of cool. :) Little Willie's Revenge is at #108 for Spiritual, and Helsa's Secret Ingredient is at #296 for Fantasy. I'm not sure how these metrics work because it seems they have each only received 1 read and neither has any votes or comments. My novella "Sword & Urn" I was excited to post about hitting #300 in fantasy is currently at #858 as I write this. I knew it wouldn't last, but it's gone up and down so there is that. Maybe it will jump back down again once I finish rewriting the ending. :) 

Stuffed Monster

The Last Butterscotch

Science Fiction #489

My Last Day

Bullets and Tears

Fezdon's Mistake

Evil Takes Flight

As you can see above, several of my others stories that haven't received any attention for months are also in the charts. I think I know the reason. The comment you see below was left on my short story Stuffed Monster:

I thought it was awesome that someone randomly read it and enjoyed it. I thanked him and followed him on the site. Then I saw who he is - the co-founder of Wattpad! Later that night he commented on another story of mine called The Last Butterscotch:
Then he followed me back on the site. Ever since then I have been getting emails notifying me of Wattpad members following me like crazy! So I'm assuming all of this attention on Wattpad is from this awesome gentleman Ivan Yuen commenting on my stories, adding them to his reading lists and following me. I'm glad he stumbled onto my story! I'm glad my stories are at Wattpad. Are your stories there? Thanks for stopping by.

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