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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Great Weekend with Crazy Going Ons

I had a really great weekend, even though one of my friends literally got punched in the face! I used to be in a band Dying To Live and I stayed with my good friend Ryan, the drummer of my old band. He lives with his brother, who is the vocalist for his new band 7 Horns7 Eyes. Check them out, they are really good. Anyways, after getting to hang out over some delicious Mexican food and ice cream with the incredible writer, Mark Ferrari, I went to go see my friend Aaron, one of the old guitarists for Dying To Live, play in his new band Surface Tension Surface Tension. There was a fight there, the first one I've seen in my whole life at age 26 thankfully, and then on our way from the show up to Aaron's house (guitarist in 7 Horns 7 Eyes) to hear the new drum tracks my friend Ryan recorded, someone trying to merge onto I-5 side swiped his car pretty bad. The jerk then gets out, swears at my friend, and then punches my friend directly in the face through the open car window. We all stayed in the car and called the cops, eventually seeing him taken away in hand cuffs, arrested for assault. It was a crazy night! But what a great day, getting to meet Mark Ferrari, an amazing author published by Tor, play baseball with my old band mates (another of whom is now in 7Horns7eyes, Sean Alf) and hear some of their new songs!

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