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Monday, November 23, 2009

Why My Watch Chimes

I bought a watch recently in hopes that it would encourage me to start running again, also I have become sick of lumbering my cell phone out of my pocket just to see what time it is, a flick of the wrist is much better. I haven't owned a watch in half a decade, mostly because I thought it detracted from my punk rock look. I’ve since begun to dress normal again. Now I like the way a watch dresses up my wrist a bit. Suffice it to say I had not owned a watch in such a long time that I forgot what the chime feature was. When it's turned on your watch will beep on the hour. Why would I want my watch to beep every hour you ask? To remind me. To remind me that this life is short and time is flying by. I’m going for that same feeling I get after leaving a funeral. I’m not talking about the sense of loss or sadness, but the realization that this life is short and someday I'll be dead too. Don't let that statement depress you, but rather spur you on to live your life with fervor. This encourages me to stop living in the moment, and start living my life productively. If you have goals or aspirations, start working on them now instead of watching TV every night. All of those sayings about how fast time passes you by are true. The older you get the more you realize it. When you have kids, you see it even more easily because they grow up so fast. So remember your time is precious and that you should use it wisely. Every time my watch chimes I can't believe another hour of the day has gone by.

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