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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm OK with Turning 27

I never really understood why adults didn't care too much for their birthdays. Birthdays were always a fun thing, a celebration. Last year I understood. All of my birthdays up to 26 I looked forward too and was happy about. At 25 your car insurance goes down a bit, that was enough for me to celebrate. 26 was the first birthday where I thought, I get it now, there's nothing here but a reminder that I'm one year older. All of that being said, it's true I don't really want to be another year closer to 30, but then again I'm so glad to be out of school with an amazing wife and son, a good job, and a house that's all ours. Life is great. So this Friday on January 15th this year, I will celebrate my very blessed life. It is my hope that with each year I grow closer to God, become more thankful for everything, have more love for people, more humility, more productivity with my writing, and less selfishness. So here's to a great 27th year. May I use it to glorify God, share his love with others, become a better man, and finish editing my first novel so I can finally share it with people!


  1. Amen, brother.

    I'm slightly older than 27 but I've given up on counting. It's only a number, after all. The important things in life don't depend on how old you are anyway.

    Family, friends and service to God are what's important (and not necessarily in that order). Don't grow older, grow better.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks Mike, you know you really are only as old as you feel. Playing cards with my Grandma, you see her youthful competitive spirit alive and well; it's like playing cards with a friend my age. Here's to staying young at heart, like you are with your humor in GalaxyBillies. Loving it. Thanks for the comment Mike, I really appreciate it!