My latest short story "The Night the Lights Came On"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've Been Busy!

So, there is a brand spanking new short story episode I'm very happy with which dropped at the very beginning of this month, but I haven't been posting much else on here. Let me tell you why. My wife and I started doing foster care a few months ago, and have taken in 3 foster kids in that time. First we had a little 3 month old, then for 3 days his 3 year old sister, then an 8 month old. We've only had 2 at a time, but with our 2 1/2 year old son that's three kids in diapers. Yes, we're crazy :) You can hear all about it on a Foster care Podcast I started called Fostering With Love. Now we have only the 3 month old, who's now 5 months old, AND as of last night - an adopted little girl. My wife and I have been waiting for over 9 months to be placed with a baby through a local private adoption agency. Now it has happened! We're so excited. She is a beautiful 3 month old little red head. So now we have our 2 1/2 year old son, our brand new 3 month old daughter, and a 5 month old foster baby boy. Now you know why my podcast episode dropped a few days late, and why this blog has been a bit less regular than normal. As the dust settles I hope to be posting more regularly. I also hope that before too long I'll be posting the first episode of my SciFi/Space Opera novel. It has yet to go through a 2nd draft and get before beta readers, but it's getting closer. In the mean time, thank you so much for stopping by, and you can look forward to a new short story podcast every month. Until next time, this is Dan signing off.


  1. Congratulations Dan and fam! I'm thrilled for your new addition. Writing seems so distant in importance compared to living breathing family members and showing them love. God bless you all!

  2. Poking through your blogs...CONGRATS on baby!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it.