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Luke's brother Cody went missing four years ago. The police could't find him. Neither could search and rescue. Everyone believed he got lost or died in an accident in the woods. Years later Luke thinks he found something to prove what happened. Maybe Cody had been right all along. The mythological monster was real. Luke and his buddy Nick travel deeper into the woods to find out.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

News & A Tradition to Join Me In

Hey guys, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, my wife and I are going to Maui Hawaii! The bad news is, I haven't quite finished part II of my short story "A Second Chance," and we'll be gone for a week. So here's my plan: I'm going to finish the story and have it edited and ready to record by the time I get back from Hawaii. Then I can record it and get it into the feed in short order. So the week before Christmas I'll have it out to you. I might try and write a short Christmas story to put in the feed as well as a little Christmas gift to you guys for listening. In the mean time, join me in my tradition of reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. This will be my third year in a row of reading it right before Christmas. It's a tradition I might keep for the rest of my life. It's a short read, and an excellent one. When Scrooge sees the error of his ways and wakes all joyful on Christmas day, his joy leaps from the pages, or .mp3 files, into your heart. It's a wonderful story to get you into the Christmas spirit of generosity and joy. Here it is for free in all the eBook formats you could want; and here is an excellent free audiobook version of it. Enjoy!

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