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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where Has Dan Been?

I haven't posted here for a while, but hey I have a good reason :) My wife and I just had our third child! What a blessing he is too; a beautiful baby boy. We can't imagine life without him. So with a new baby comes nights without much sleep and a lot of time off from work for me to help my wife while she recovers. All of this has delayed my writing and podcasting. That said, I have started a new podcast, and I'll drop the first two short episodes in this post below. It's called 6 Goals. I came up with 6 things that I'm always saying I need to do more. I've heard that busy people get more done, so I'm going to make myself busy and try and get a lot done. I also want to get in shape. I'm overweight, and I miss running. Here are the 6 goals to give you a better idea:
  1. Six miles run
  2. Six short work outs
  3. Six thousand words written
  4. Six chapters of the bible read
  5. Six water bottles consumed a day
  6. Six sketches drawn in my sketch book
So I hope you enjoy my new podcast and know that I have been working on my next short story to podcast here for Short Stories of DanDanTheArtMan. It's a very different story than I've told before. The protagonist is a junior high girl who gets picked on and made fun of all the time by the popular crowd. It's called Puppy Eyes, and I'll be putting it out sometime this month. Thank you so very much for stopping by, and have a great May. I can see summer on the horizon!

6 Goals | Episode 01

6 Goals | Episode 02

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