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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Closer To A Dream or
How Revision on my Novel is Going

I have been using whatever free time I can scrounge up to work on revising my sci fi novel. I'm getting closer. I just started in on chapter 19 this Tuesday. There will probably be about 30 chapters. I'm ending the book at a later place than it's first draft. I'm really excited to see the revised draft finished, as the story will be much stronger and have a lot more emotional impact. Before starting the revision process I reread my first draft and then made a new outline to reflect the changes I had made while writing the story from the original outline. Then I read over that outline every chance I had for three weeks. Finally when it was all in my head I sat down and banged out a new outline in ten minutes. It was an awesome feeling. I found the weaknesses in the story and swapped them out for more dramatic events that would take a much bigger tole on the characters. My ending stayed the same, but the main motivation of the characters changed. I can't wait to finish revising it and getting it in front of beta readers so I can get some feedback on it and give it another draft with their feedback. Then I will be podcasting the entire novel, and selling it as an eBook. That will be the realization of a dream I've had for many years. I've done it with short stories, and one novelette, but releasing a full novel will be a whole new thing. Most people are not looking for short stories, but books. Finally I will have one to offer. After that I have a novella to revise, another one I'm currently writing to finish, two other novels to revise, and two novels I'm really excited about writing. It's going to be a great 2012!

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