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Friday, June 22, 2012

Dan Kolbet on Storytelling With Various Mediums

Fellow author, awesome dude named Dan, and local citizen of my city mentioned me in a great blog post of his on storytelling through various mediums. Dan Kolbet gave me the honor of beta reading for his rocking sci-fi thriller novel Off The Grid. I must say, he's a great writer and a great storyteller. His post is about a video he made for his work that he's proud of. Dan makes great videos, I saw one he made with his family about them enjoying the holiday season. As someone who has gone to school and made videos professionally now at my day job, I was very impressed with his little family video. It was very well done, and it made me laugh quite a bit. So a huge thanks to Dan for repaying the favor to beta read my novel and for mentioning me on his awesome site. Support a fellow awesome indie author and go buy his book Off The Grid, because you'll love it and it rocks as does Dan.

The Dream | First ever fan fiction - flash fiction

Also, look for a new form of storytelling I've never tried before to hit my podcast feed tomorrow: Flash Fiction. It's a story which takes place in the story world of Peter Pan created by J.M. Barrie. I share updates as well as info about the other podcasting I've been up to lately. Since you're super cool you can get the .mp3 here a day early because you read my blog!

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