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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free eBook from Starbucks Pick of the Week

On my way to work today I stopped at one of my local Starbucks stores and picked up a grande drip coffee in a venti cup, so I can add tons of cream and drink it right away without burning myself, and as I was pouring the cream I noticed a stack of little cards. At first I thought, interesting they're promoting a book. Then when I picked it up and took a closer look I saw that there was a download code on the back to get the book for free in the iBooks store. You better believe I grabbed it and downloaded it this morning! I looked into it a bit and I was lucky to get the one I did because it's the first in a series which looks to be fantasy. Other books they've done in their Pick of the Week series have been non fiction or not genre fiction, so it looks like I lucked out by getting a book I'll actually read. They don't just do books either, songs, apps, and TV episodes. So next time you stop in at Starbucks look for a little card to get some free content. Hopefully you get something you'll enjoy consuming, other than the coffee, like I did.

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