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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie Memories 01 | Movie Memories Guest Blog Post Series, Examples & a Call for Submissions

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Ninjas on the Big Screen

Well, it’s that time again. Time to reach out and ask others to share their memories with us. I really enjoyed all the posts from the previous two guest blog posts series, video games memories and tv memories. It is really cool how different the guest blog posts are. Reading and listening to the posts was kind of like hanging out with friends and reminiscing about some of my favorite things. So what are we going to share about this time around? Well movies of course! Here are a few of my favorite movie memories. As you’ll see I’m not going to be reviewing the movies, but talking about what it was like to watch them, and how I remember it. Why watching it is a fond memory I have. So here we go.

The first time my two brothers and I saw The Three Ninjas, it was just about all over for us. The characters matched us so well. I’m pretty sure the movie wouldn't hold up if I went back today to watch it, but when I was in elementary school my brothers and I thought it was the coolest movie to hit the big screen. The characters were perfect for us because they were three brothers just like us. So when we played ninjas I was Rocky, my next bro was Colt, and our little brother was Tum Tum. We laid waste to so many bad guy ninjas, we probably couldn't have even counted that high back then. I know I haven't seen a movie lately that left me planning my free time around acting out as the characters. Let’s face it though, when you’re a little boy, heck a grown man, ninjas are cool.

This brings me to my next movie memory, seeing the first live action Ninja Turtles movie at the theater. My brothers and I thrived on the cartoon show. I remember talking about the latest cartoon episode with all my friends for the entire recess in first grade. We had tons of action figures too. Later on some of the best Nintendo games would turn out to be Ninja Turtles. It was like having the arcade game on your TV at home. An amazing experience back then. The Ninja Turtles were our favorite. They were so cool. As a very young child, going from the cartoon show to a live action movie on the big screen was a big deal. The Ninja Turtles looked real to me! My eyes were glued to that screen for every second of that movie. Seeing all the fight scenes go down like that - it mesmerized me. Nothing could have been cooler to my elementary school brain. You better believe my friends and brothers and I all left that theater even more excited to act out scenes of fighting Shredder or his evil foot soldiers. We would unscrew the ends of mops and brooms to have a staff like Donatello. We would bust out our plastic Katana’s our parent’s bought us at the fair and rock it like Leonardo. We would swing whatever was around like nun-chucks and pretend we were Michelangelo  or swing something shorter and act like we were wielding sais like Raphael. Our playground, our backyard and the McDonald’s play place were the streets of New York full of the foot clan. While these movies may or may not be worth watching again these days, not many movies impact me in that same way now. The mind of a child is a precious thing and I remember sitting in the theater watching ninja fight scenes and being amazed. Three kids like my brothers and I, or our heroes the Ninja Turtles - showing us how it's done.

Alright, now it’s your turn. I know you can write a better post than that one! Get your fingers on the keyboard and send something my way. Your guest post doesn't have to be very long, just a great memory you have that has to do with watching movies. It can be about one movie, or a few. What fond memories do you have of watching something on the silver screen or at home? I’m guessing th ere is going to be at least one post about seeing the original Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time so I chose to go in a totally different direction with my post, but if some of your best movie memories have to do with Star Wars go ahead and write it! Even if the last two guest posts were about Star Wars, we want to hear what your memories are because they’re going to be different and awesome. I’m excited to get a new list of movies to watch because there are many classic action and sci-fi movies I've never seen. Most of the ones you’re thinking of, yes I really haven’t seen Alien, or Robocop, or even Terminator. I was too young to see so many classics when they came out and for whatever reason I never went back to watch them so I with my co-host Donald Conrad of have started a list of Things Dan Needs To Watch. It's part of a podcast I'm doing with him called Pen Fights Gamepad. We talk about video games, movies, writing, and being dads - plus a whole lot of other fun stuff. Oh yeah, we joke and laugh a lot too. It's a good time. You can check it out at I’m sure I’ll get some gems out of this guest blog post series, so come on and share your movie memories with us.

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