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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm an Audiobook Narrator!

Once again my blog has been silent for a time. That's because I've recently taken on a huge project that I'm really excited about! I joined ACX, audiobook creation exchange, a few weeks ago. I uploaded some samples of me narrating fiction and non fiction. I tried out for one fairly short non-fiction book about teaching. I was going to become a teacher before I changed my mind and went into the arts so it's something I'm interested in. Then I started receiving messages from a gentleman with questions about how it all worked to get his novel made into an audio book. I quickly and professionally answered all of his questions. Quite a few messages were exchanged and then he sent me a message stating that he'd like me to narrate his novel. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it would take much longer to land a gig narrating someone's novel. I'm still waiting to hear from the non-fiction author. It's always been a dream of mine to narrate audio books. He said his wife liked my voice and thought it would fit his book well. Thank goodness for his wife! :) I'm so excited! This project is going to take every last second of my time to get done under deadline, but I'm really enjoying it. Once the project is finished I'll be sure to give you guys all the details of where to find it on Audible and Amazon. I added a progress meter to the right. Once that thing fills with blue I'll be done and I can go back to cranking out the first draft of my current novel "Zombie Super Powers." Wish me luck! So far I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. This will be a long steady race, not like recording one of my short stories. I was a distance runner in high school though, and writing novels is a similar long slow process, so I think I'll be okay :) Thanks for stopping by.

The isolation box I built for my microphone in my closet to record


  1. This is great. I am cheering for you even now. Thanks for the update, and best of luck.

    1. Thanks Jeff! I appreciate it man. Hopefully this is the start of something that grows into more.