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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Christmas Carol | Free in Audio & eBook

Almost every year I read or listen to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in December and wanted to share this great story with you.

This novel is in the public domain so you can get it as an eBook for free! The version I link to below at Project Gutenberg is especially cool because you can get it with illustrations. The epub file will work on your Nook or other eReaders, and there’s also a Kindle format or even just HTML if you want to read it in your browser.


I also found an incredible version of this beloved novel for free online. While you can find it read by amateur narrators in a few places, I found it narrated by none other than Jim Dale! Who is Jim Dale you ask? Why he's only the fantastic narrator that brought Harry Potter to life in our ears. Yes that's Jim Dale, the Harry Potter audiobook narrator. A real pro and I know a favorite among many listeners.


So give this story a read or a listen. It's a quick read and every year it brightens my spirits. I LOVE the ending. It brings cheer every time I get to it. Thanks for stopping by!

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