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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's My Birthday & Plans for This Year

Well it's my birthday. Did you know Google puts up a custom Birthday graphic on your birthday if you're logged in? Kind of cool. Anyways, I'm 31 today. Depending who I'm hanging out with I'm either really old or still quite young. Either way one thing I know is that I'm very blessed. I have an amazing wife who also happens to be my best friend, and we have three beautiful kids who we really enjoy. I don't deserve the life I get to live. I'm so happy to be married to my wife and be a daddy to my wonderful kids. They are awesome. Life is good.

As far as writing goes a few things come to mind. I remember before I turned 30 I wanted to have a book published. In a way that happened. I'm published in the fine and hilarious book A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil and I'm very proud to be in that book with the other authors who wrote stories for it. If you haven't picked it up I highly recommend it. The same duo, Michell Plested and Jeffrey Hite, have come up with another anthology they're going to publish and I'm excited to write a story for that one. Hopefully I can craft a tale that they'll be happy to accept. Their anthology will be called There Is A Magic Portal Under My Sink and other Stories of Magical Places you Likely Don't want to Go In fact I started it last night. I think I'm going to call it The Realm of Fire. Here's the first paragraph:
Everyone knows dragons come from the Realm of Fire, even though none know how to get there. It is said to be a land wholly different from our own. There is no road that will take you there, no great body of water on which you can sail to its shores. Legend says the only way to get there is through fire. Who in the burnt realm knows what that means? Surely I did not, but I was soon to find out and it would lead to a journey I will never forget. The day I found the great robes of the old wizard everyone had stopped believing in was the day my fate changed forever.
As this year draws on and I turn 31 I want it to be the year I publish my first novel length work. The novel I'm currently writing, Zombie Super Powers, is the best one I've written so far and I'm hopeful it's the one. Now I just need to finish it so I can get it in the hands of beta readers and then to an editor. I'm excited. If you want to read along with me as I'm writing it and be an Alpha reader you can do so for free over at Wattpad. It's super easy to leave comments there to, you don't even have to be a member. They have great reading apps for all your devices as well.

Other than that I still have the novella Sword and Urn that I had edited by two people which needs a major revision and the edits put in. Once I'm done with my novel I'll get cracking on that so I can whip it into a publishable shape. With any luck I should be publishing a novel and a novella this year. That would be awesome.

Thanks for stopping by everybody. Though it's just begun, I hope 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for you all!

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