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Friday, January 2, 2015

My Year in Reading

This year I read more books than ever before! It was my first time doing the Goodreads reading challenge and I'm so glad I did! I looked to years past and saw that the most books I had ever read in a year was 27 so I set my goal to 35 books this year. As you can see below I ended up reading 41! If you see some short ones and think that doesn't count, just wander over a couple titles like "The Way of Kings" or "It" and you'll see all is in order. Way of Kings is as long as 5 normal books and It is crazy long as well. I had an excellent year of reading and I'm going to try for 50 book this year. Wish me luck! Words of Radiance, 400,000 words, is one on my to-read list for this year. :) Check out the graphic below compliments of Goodreads to see all the titles I read. If you're not already my friend on Goodreads you should be! It's easy - just click on the golden button with a brown lower case g on the upper right hand side of my website to go to my Goodreads page and become my friend. I love the site. You can see everything I've read there, how many stars out of 5 I've given the books, and many of them have reviews on them. It is from these that I get my scripts for my books reviews podcast. So thanks for stopping by and happy reading in 2015!

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