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Luke's brother Cody went missing four years ago. The police could't find him. Neither could search and rescue. Everyone believed he got lost or died in an accident in the woods. Years later Luke thinks he found something to prove what happened. Maybe Cody had been right all along. The mythological monster was real. Luke and his buddy Nick travel deeper into the woods to find out.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quarter Reads

A really cool online short story publisher accepted 3 of my short stories today! Quarter Reads is just as it sounds, one quarter will get you one story. For 25¢ you can read a short story. Pretty cool concept. So for just $5 you can purchase 20 short stories! I love this idea and think it's great in a day where we always have a device in our pocket. The next time you are waiting in line or find yourself with a little time to kill you can grab a story that's bound to be a quick read. They cap their word count off at 2,000 words. That's pretty short for a story length. I found 6 of my stories to match this length, with one that I had to edit down a bit. I'm excited to have my work in this new cool venue! I should have 3 more short stories available on the site soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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