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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sword & Urn | Cover Reveal

This year I am going to publish this novella. Other than an 11,000 word novelette it will be the first time I've published something longer than a short story and I'm really excited about it. I finished with the edits from one editor and her work really improved my book. I'm currently going through the notes from a second editor.

A couple years ago I revised this novella twice and then gave the third draft to a couple of editors. I was so excited to publish the thing. Then I got notes back from those editors. One of them had a lot of notes that lead me to believe that this book had so many things to fix that it needed a rewrite. So I kind of gave up on working more on it. I was still really proud of the story though so I published it for free on Last year I got a couple of comments on the last chapter of the book.
Thank you for sharing your tale. I enjoyed it!
quite enjoyed this yarn. 
These two comments though they may be small were all the inspiration and encouragement I needed to dive back into this novella and get it ready for publication. Just for fun, here's the original cover I created for the free Wattpad version. I think it's been much improved on. If these two guys read the entire book and liked it enough to leave these comments on the last chapter then that says to me that I have a good story here. I'm in the process of formatting it as a paperback and eBook right now. Once I get the last edits and paperback formatting done I'm going to order a proof copy and pass that around to a couple of people as an advanced reader copy. Then I'll take their feedback and make any changes that come from that - and PUBLISH THE THING! Once it's for sale as a paperback and eBook I'll be able to also turn it into an audiobook. That will be another very fun project.

Anyways thanks for stopping by!

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