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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sword and Urn Out Now!

My fantasy adventure novella Sword and Urn is out! It is now published in paperback and eBook!

Purchase links for the Paperback which sells for $5.99:

Purchase links for the eBook which sells for $0.99:

Here's the description:

Drade is just a villager manning a merchant table with his father Aren until two mysterious swordsman come to town. They claim they are there to take Drade and every other young man with them in their caged wagon. After a brutal sword fight helped with a magic potion Drade journeys north to the farm of his grandparents to fulfill a promise. Along the way he meets some colorful characters. He helps some of them. Others help him on his quest to reach his grandparent's farm before the villains he fought get there first. There is no way he will be able to face them again without a lot of help.

It's a fun quick read and it could really use your reviews. Thanks for stopping by!

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