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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Classroom Full of 5th Graders Are Reading My Book!

And it's not even published yet! I'm still cranking out the illustrations for it and I have yet to finalize the text. But here's the fun story:

I have a book, my first try at a chapter book, out to beta readers. It's called The Case of the Missing Snowman. One such beta reader is a 5th grade teacher. At our softball game last week she told me she's reading it to her whole class and I'll be getting a book report with feedback from each one of them! They're the target audience! This is so cool! She said so far they've laughed a lot and have commented that it has good sensory detail. I was very excited to hear this news and am thrilled they're reading and that I'll be getting their feedback. It's so cool!

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