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Saturday, October 28, 2017

I'm ALMOST Ready for Beta Readers!

I'm so close to finishing my third pass through my manuscript to clean it up for Beta Readers to give it a go and give me their feedback. As I reread it I'm very happy with the story. I've been laughing out loud and really enjoying it so hopefully that means others will too! I got a little more done this morning after posting this last night so...
I'm actually in chapter 47 now! 
I'm sure this weekend I'll get it all done and by Monday I'll be emailing people to give it a read. I'm also going to make physical paperback advanced reader copies to hand out to people who don't like reading eBooks. So that will be fun! I'll be a sure to post a pic of that when it comes in the mail. Exciting times! I'm so close to publishing my first full length novel!!!!!

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