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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 15 of Writing Every Day In March

I'm currently in chapter 27 of my novel and I have passed the 30,000 word mark! The sometimes small amount of words I've been writing every day sure are piling up! I have been writing daily for 16 days now and I never want to go back! Before I was only writing when I happened to find large chunks of freetime.

I have found it so helpful to just make sure I write every day. Even if it's only for a few minutes it helps keep my brain in the story! That is so helpful. Anyways, 16 days of writing and I've written over 30,000 words in my novel now! I'm not sure on the total I've written this month but I think I was around chapter 20 or 21 when I started so I'm guessing from that it's around 8,000 words in the last 16 days.

I doubt I'll be able to finish my novel by the end of the month with the last several meager days of writing I've had, but I've still been writing everyday and I'm seeing progress everyday. It shouldn't be too long into April before I finish my first draft. I can't wait to get this book to beta readers to get feedback on it.

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