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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Writing Every Day in April Week 2

I am so confused. I swear I wrote a post last week about writing every day in April and covered how week one went. As I look back though, the post is nowhere. It's not in a saved draft, it's not on this blog. I don't know what the heck happened to it. I even remember making the graphic for it. What the heck?! Well anyway, since that blog post is nowhere to be found, I'll let you know how this month of writing every day has gone including weeks one and two. Unlike in March this time around I've tracked my word count for every day. Here are my results. They might surprise you. People seem to think I get a ton of writing done. I certainly get more done then before I started writing every day, but I have some very sparse days with very few words. Here's the rundown below. My lowest day is highlighted in blue, my highest day is in green, and my average is highlighted in yellow:

DateDaily Word CountTotal Word CountAverage Word Count

And here's a handy graph of my word count:
Click on this image to see it at a larger size!
See nothing special! But I am writing every day and that has been amazing. The story is always fresh in my mind and even if I have 5 minutes to write on a given day the words just flow! Also the fact that for now my goal is to simply write something every day I have an easily attainable goal. Some of my best days are ones where I started out not thinking I could write but I knew I could at least get one sentence down. Here's the secret: once you start you just keep going! It's the getting started part that is sometimes so hard! Someday I hope to be like the other cool kids and have a daily word count but for now just establishing a daily writing habit is enough and it's helped me make a lot of progress on my current novel.

I found the image I made for week 1 so there's proof I worked on something for a post for week 1!:

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