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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Met Brandon Sanderson!

Brandon's signature in my book!
Brandon Sanderson is in my home town of Spokane, WA this weekend for a local convention called SpoCon where he is the guest of honor. Tonight however he was at our local Barnes & Noble for a book signing. It was awesome! We got to hear him give a reading which was great and pretty funny. He answered a bunch of questions from the audience about his book and finishing Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. He was really down to earth and just a genuinely nice guy. He's one of my writing heroes. Not only has he written some of my favorite novels of all time, but the guy hosts a writing podcast called Writing Excuses where he and other pros give tons of amazing writing advice week after week. It is a hugely valuable resource for writers. This guy gives and gives to help writers like me learn the craft. On his website you can read several versions of his novel Warbreaker in its various states of revision to see his process. You can also find Brandon's extensive comments on each and every chapter of his books in what he calls annotations, and tons of deleted and bonus scenes from his novels - what a terrific thing for writers! So yes, tonight I met one of my favorite authors and it was awesome! Thanks for stopping by and check out the pictures below!
Brandon and I after he signed my copy of The Way of Kings.
Brandon giving a great reading at his book signing.
Brandon answering questions from fans in the crowd.

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