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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Free Ringtone For Your Blackberry

Download the .mp3 (Right Click, Save Target As...)

Hey guys, my service droid R2D3PO is always making fun of those little phones called droids, saying that they wish they were as cool as him. He thinks the commercials are ridiculous. I never tell him I think they look pretty cool. However I did tell him how weird it is to hear droid phones ringing all the time at work, because the ringtone is a robotronic voice saying "DROID!" I told him it reminds me of him, he didn't take kindly to that. So I thought it would be funny to set the ringtone on my Blackberry to say "BLACKBERRY!" in a robotic voice just like the droid phones, as a spoof on Droid phones for those who have a Blackberry, and for R2D3PO. I asked him to make the ringtone for me, and this is what he spit out. Feel free to download it and add it as your Blackberry's ringtone, should be a good laugh around the office when people hear your phone go off.

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