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Friday, March 28, 2014

Allred by Allred | Album Review

Every once in a long while you find an album that defines the way you feel in that time of your life. Usually it's a time of great change or reflection. For me it's a time of reflection with the possibility of big changes in the near future. It may not even be all the lyrics to the songs in the album but just the mood of the record. I've only had this happen to me a few times but when it does it's all you can listen to. I used to play music a lot. I've been in a couple bands and used to play every week at my church. I don't play music much these days, and I don't listen to it much either. Mostly I write instead of play, and listen to audiobooks instead of albums.

Right now it's Allred, a 2012 self titled album release I somehow just stumbled upon. It's the album I know I'll be listening to a lot over the next few days, weeks, or even months. It's a singer songwriter guy named John Allred I found way back in college when he was just some dude in a local band with a few really small albums not many people had heard. I found him on Myspace. Remember that website? It was THE social media website - everyone was on Myspace back then like they're on Facebook now.

Anyways the album is the self titled Allred. I've always loved John Allred's voice and his stripped down acoustic sound and in this album it really shines. There are some tracks with a full band but unlike in many previous albums the fuller sound doesn't make you wish he had chosen to go acoustic on the songs. They are less of a big barrage of sound with too many guitar things going on and more a unified sound that compliments his amazing intimate voice. He's not singing over the music on the tracks that have a full band in this album, but with the music. They nailed it on this album. An instant classic I'll cherish for years to come. I love this record. I can't wait to listen to it a billion times.

Listen to an acoustic version of the 6th track from the album:

Watch John play tons of popular songs all in one epic song Medley:

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