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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quality, Assured | I was quoted on the ACX Blog!

The latest blog post over at the ACX blog has a quote from me. It was pulled from a reply email I sent to an ACX Client Support employee. They found a tiny intake of breath at the very end of one of my chapter files. I usually have multiple chapters recorded into one audio file so to get them saved out individually I select them on the timeline and export the selected audio. Apparently I selected just a bit too far and caught just a sliver of the beginning of the next chapter. I always double check these things, and it was the first time that I've had audio returned to me from ACX for it needing something to be fixed, but I missed this tiny detail. It was easy to miss upon listening to it even when I knew it was there and yet ACX caught it before letting the audiobook go to retail. I really appreciated their thorough review of my files so I wrote what you see in the image above. Pretty cool to be quoted in a blog I look forward to reading! Thanks fro stopping by, and here's the link to the ACX blog post:

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