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Thursday, June 24, 2021

My Haiku Book was Reviewed!

Check out a review of my book "Explore: 107 Haikus" over at Indies Today!

Here's what R.C. Gibson had to say about my book:

Explore is a collection of 17 syllable poems set up in the style of a guessing game. Dan Absalonson has taken the traditional Japanese art form and transformed it into an easily digestible group of poems that fit together like a colorful puzzle of the earth. The division of topics is systematic, ranging from letters of the alphabet to the 50 states. In with the well-ordered themes are several illuminating snippets about word origins, facts about the planet, and even the birthplace of cheese dip!

As you peruse the pages of Explore: 107 Haikus, you get an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder. One can only assume Absalonson had a great time gathering facts for the book, including which state is the smallest, the location of the first JCPenney, and nifty details about dainty little ladybugs. Perfect for a road trip game or as a topic of conversation among family members, this collection is meant to be shared and learned from.

There is truly something for everyone, with topics covering everything from the history of our modern calendar to the scientific name for the spots on a graceful giraffe. Dan Absalonson has his sense of humor fully intact as he challenges readers to use their minds, not just their cell phones, to take a journey of the imagination and explore our world. Young and old alike will delight in wonder as they fit the pieces together in the family friendly and educational book, Explore: 107 Haikus.

Grab your copy today in Paperback or Kindle!

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