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Thursday, September 9, 2021

I'm Writing Fiction Again

Accidental Minecraft Family Book 1
That's right. I'm writing fiction again and you'll never guess what kind it is. It's not the Kindle Vella story  "I Can Fly" that I started as I wrote about a few posts ago, though I would like to keep writing episodes for that. 
I am writing an Unofficial Minecraft Book. 
My good buddy Pixel Ate has been making a living writing these books! It's not just the genre either, he's a great writer who puts out books consistently. Read the first book, "Accidental Minecraft Family: Book 1" and see for yourself. The coolest part is, his own son couldn't get into reading until he read books like these that take place in the world of Minecraft. Once he found them he devoured dozens of them so my friend tried his hand at it and he's doing really well at it. His books are fun and funny. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read his book for free! It's about a family who wakes up in the game Minecraft. If you like them like I do, he's up to the 16th book available for pre-order now!

My story is going to be about a boy from medieval times who dreams of fighting real monsters and becoming a hero. He walks through a fairy ring which acts as a portal transporting him into the world of Minecraft where he was told he could fight monsters, but he knows nothing about the world and must figure it all out the hard way. I'm on chapter 2 of 40 so I have a ways to go but the great thing about these books is that they're short. I don't have much time to write it but when I do have a small amount of time I'm able to knock out most of a chapter.

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