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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helsa’s Secret Ingredient is Now Available

My Every Photo Tells short story "Helsa's Secret Ingredient" has been recorded and is now available! I just listened to it, and they did an excellent job. It was so cool to hear someone else do a reading of my work; that's a first for me. It must be what professional authors feel like the first time they hear one of their novels as an audio book. It was an awesome experience! They also made a few little edits here and there to my story, and made it much better. They're doing great stuff, I highly recommend submitting a story to Every Photo Tells. It is too much fun, and a great experience.

My story:
Every Photo Tells | Episode 57 - Helsa's Secret Ingredient

It is also available now as an eBook in multiple formats for only .99¢

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  1. Thanks Dan. The characters were so well-written that it was a pleasure to read, especially the dialogue -- so much fun to do! We actually recorded it once and had Garageband crash on us, so had to record it again. I think we had even more fun the second time around!

    I do hope you keep the writing up and will consider submitting another story to EPT. Feel free to make it about the continuing story of Fezdon - he is marvellous!


  2. Mick, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so sorry to hear that you had to record a second time, but I'm thrilled that you guys enjoyed it! I sure have enjoyed listening to it. Your voices were AWESOME! I love the voice you came up with for Fezdon, it was perfect. I think you just gave me an idea for an Every Photo Tells story for this March. It will be more of Fezdon :) Thanks Mick, your kind words made my day.